NonUK Players Can Find Great Online Casinos in Europe and the US

non uk online casinos

Non-UK Players Can Find Great Online Casinos in Europe and the US

Have you heard about the new wave of “ultra realistic” and highly popular UK online casinos which have been mushrooming in recent months? These are the online casinos that claim to allow players to play the game on the Internet with virtual money. This is a very unique approach by the UK government to try and encourage players to get involved in traditional bricks and mortar casinos. Some sportsbook not on gamstop say this is a move by the government to “reinvent” the brick and mortar casino and give it a facelift.

However, others see this as a move by the UK government to shut down online gambling by force. There are many things that can be deduced from the way the government has handled this issue over the last few years. The first thing being that the current UK gambling laws are so ridiculously restrictive that they are almost impossible to regulate. There are just too many grey areas which the gambling commission has to wade through to make any meaningful changes. This has led many UK players to simply move their favourite casinos to locations in the USA or another English speaking part of the world where there are more liberal gambling laws.

It also makes financial choices for players rather difficult. One of the biggest problems facing UK players at the moment is the inability to transfer their winnings between different online casinos. This has led many players to simply cancel their accounts and play no longer. If you win big you can still cash out but the chances of doing that quickly are not good. If you lose a lot of money too quickly from one particular casino then you can end up having to pay up big losses to different casinos and this means that you have to divide your winnings amongst them.

These days a lot of the online casino promotions and deals appear to be centered around bonuses and special prizes rather than being purely competitive gaming. The non-UK gambling industry has had to adapt its methods to take account of the new player knowledge about online gaming and betting sites offer their clients incentives in order to keep them playing. Many of these bonuses and prize draws are based on customer loyalty. Good customer care means that a casino can increase its client base while keeping expenses to a minimum. The casinos are able to do this by offering members rewards and additional promotions and discounts to their regular clients.

Online casinos in the UK are required by law to accept players from within the UK and they are also obliged to charge tax to the HMRC at the appropriate rate. A lot of UK based casinos are exempt from paying any tax at all and many non-UK based casinos are actually designated offshore. If a casino in the UK allows players from outside the UK to register and play, it then faces an increased risk of being found out to be non-uk and subsequently forced to pay taxes in the country it operates in. This has led a lot of UK based online casino players to look to other gambling destinations in Europe and the United States in order to play online.

Non-UK online casinos that allow players from the UK include Playtech Casinos, Playtech Poker, Realtime Gaming, Paradise Poker, VC Poker, Playtech Casino, Plusca Casinos, Ultimate Bet, Video Poker and many others. There is even an option for players from the UK to transfer funds to non-UK casinos via a transfer service known as transfer money. In addition to offering different types of online gambling games, these sites also offer gaming facilities for poker, blackjack, slots, and video poker. These sites are operated by highly professional staff with whom players can interact with one another through chat rooms, forums and emails. These sites also give players the opportunity to play games for real money to win prizes.

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